Zoom is almost a native. He learned how to say Puyallup in first grade and it was about that time he got the idea that Mount Rainier was his personal mountain. In 1985 he had their beautiful home built so it was situated—not straight with the world—but straight with the mountain.

Lenny grew up in Minnesota but, when she moved to Washington in 1985, she fell in love with the mountain and the town her daughter called “Puppylip.” When she and Zoom married in 1999, their wedding invitations featured a picture of Mt. Rainier. It has been a centerpiece in their lives and they love sharing it. By the speed with which their guest book filled, it became apparent that others loved it too.

“We’re not fancy people but we love to laugh, tell stories and share our home and our lives. We believe in family, friends, rocking chairs and hugs. Our home was built to share with others and a bed and breakfast is the best way we can think of to do that.”

Zoom is an accountant, second generation woodworker and avid football fan. Lenny is a fair weather gardener, a glass collector, dabbling photographer and novice quilter. She and Zoom live with their somewhat-uppity and aging cat, Edith.

Great food, great calm, great stories and a fabulous view await your arrival.


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