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Even though the last years have shown a continuous drop in numbers and attractiveness, the US market is still a great place to invest. Although the recession has reshaped prices, lately the market has managed to improve and get back on track so now more and more investors are starting to be interested in U.S. real estate.

Even if you missed the low price housing craze that has happened in the recent years, there are still deals out there that real estate investors don’t want to miss out on. Sometimes you are looking for a small home, other times for a bigger property, no matter what you choose, you can certainly find something worth investing in. Here is a list with the best investment opportunities in the U.S. and places where you can make a good profit in the future.

Experts suggest that the Fort Wort and Dallas regions are going down but are expected to rise a lot more than they are dropping. For example, in the Dallas region prices for homes has been 12% down but experts say that they may go as high as 29% in the future. Fort Worth on the other hand, has been slowly but steadily growing in the past years. It has gone up by 4.9 % from 2009 to 2012, not to mention the fact that more and more jobs are being offered in the private sector, in both Forth Worth and Dallas. This will certainly drive people to move or rent to those areas in the near future.

Texas and Oklahoma, although overlooked, seem to be considered by experts little gems that might bring a lot of profit in the future. The low unemployment rate and the new wave of oil and gas development are good news for real estate investors.

Boise Idaho properties is another great place to invest, especially if you are a family. Condominiums and co-op units are great real estate for investments and people can obtain great profits when investirng here.  Boise city is where investments are growing as it has been impressing with its market for a long time. Ambitious infrastructure projects and a high growth in the private sector have made this city attractive among investors.

Indianapolis, although not as high growing as the other cities mentioned in this article, is a combination of low cost living with an increased growth in the private sector even during the economic recession. This makes it a gold mine for investors and for those who are looking for an optimum place to live in terms of costs. 

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